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We currently run one session per week on a Tuesday at 7pm.  

  • Each session is 45-50 minutes long and includes warm up and main run.

  • Each session is supported by a qualified LiRF or CiRF coach and/or a trained buddy. ​

Each session has 4 groups:

1. Get Started - Around 1.5 miles aimed at NEW runners, complete beginners and returners after injury or illness.  

2. Jog/Walk - 2-2.5 miles 

2. Short Run - Max 3.5 miles 

3. Long Run - Approx. 4.5 miles 

Don't worry if you change your mind.. we allow you to swap groups at the session. We just need a booking in advance. 


This group is for COMPLETE BEGINNERS, NEW RUNNERS or returners after time away/injury or illness. The distance is around 1.5 miles and is similar to the 'Couch-5km' programme involving structured jog/walk of short intervals. 

Woman Running


For beginners, jog walkers or those making progress on the couch-5km plan. Or for those coming back from an injury/illness or pregnancy. You can progress slowly over time, jogging a bit more and walking a bit less, and go at your pace. 

You don't need to be 'fit' to join this group... all we ask is you are regularly walking briskly for 30-40 minutes without difficulty. This group is a maximum of 16 participants and we go out onto quiet roads and pavements of the town split into smaller groups. 

It's also perfect for people coming back from injuries, pregnancy, illness or for those who just fancy a gentle session for any reason.  There is NO pressure in this group! We structure it on the day depending on your current ability and needs.



Continuous run group (although walking up hills or to catch your breath is definitely encouraged!). But pace isn't important and there's no such thing as 'slow'! 

For joggers and runners of all abilities. This group is around 3-3.5 miles (with an absolute maximum of 4 miles).

Running Shoes


Continuous run group. This is aimed at more experienced runners who want to do a slightly longer run. The distance is around 4.5 miles (no shorter than 4.2 and no longer than 5 miles).

Pace isn't hugely important, but we do ask that you've been doing the 'Short Run Group' for a while or are able to run the distance without needing to walk too much. This group is usually supported by a 'buddy' not a coach and is a bit more 'self sufficient'.

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