Children Hands Building Word Rules, Gras


1. All sessions must be booked online. You must complete our digital new joiner form and agree to T&C's.

2. Bookings can be transferred (by yourself online) up to 2 hours before the session. Refunds are not given unless in the case of illness/injury accident/emergency.

3. We do not allow buggy's and dogs due to insurance restrictions.

4. When you arrive for your session, you are permitted to swap groups if space allows.

4. We ask that you respect our covid guidelines.

5. EVERY runner MUST wear identification in the form of an ICE tag or similar showing name, any medical condition and emergency contact information. It is your responsibility to keep this updated. 


We run the group in line with Covid-19 guidelines from England Athletics and 'Run Together' we operate under England Athletics Governing Body.

Please keep yourself updated with their current advice. 

We ask all runners to abide by our Covid-19 guidelines. We have the right to refuse any runner from participation and to ask you to leave if you are not following the guidelines.

1. You must NOT attend any session if you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have any symptoms of Covid-19 including a high temperature, sore throat, runny nose, cough or loss of taste or smell within the last 14 days.

2. If anyone in your household or bubble has symptoms you must NOT attend sessions whilst they are symptomatic and for 14 days thereafter.

3. You must bring your own hand sanitiser and use it before and after participation in the session

4. Please try to maintain social distance between yourself and other runners, coaches and volunteers if possible.

5. You do NOT need to wear a mask during the running session

6. If you or any member of your household are self-isolating you must NOT attend sessions for 14 days from the start of the isolation period.

7. Only one person at a time is allowed to enter the building and use the toilets. Please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser.  

8. You cannot leave keys, personal items, coats etc in the building or in my car. Please arrange to carry your own key and personal items on your run.

10. Please only arrive a few minutes prior to the start time to avoid too much mingling and avoid hanging around afterwards. 

12. If you require first aid, a coach will wear a mask and gloves to attend to you. 

13. We are obligated to collect and store personal details and provide them to officials in the event of anyone testing positive at the group. If you have a positive test or show symptoms of Covid-19 you must let us know immediately by emailing

Thank you.



  1. I understand that Sarah’s Runners is a non-profit community running group, providing services for beginner and intermediate runners. I understand that the activity of running has an element of risk involved and I confirm that I participate in Sarah’s Runners completely at my own risk and state that I do not hold Sarah Russell or any other support coach, buddy or volunteer helper responsible for any injury, loss or accident incurred.

  2. I accept that I may be running on uneven surfaces, pavements, roads and sometimes in dark and unlit areas. I agree to make myself visible to other road users when running at night or in poor light conditions with lights or other high viz clothing.

  3. I agree to have emergency contact information, any medical condition and name and personal details on me at all times on a wrist band, tag or similar in case of emergency. To run without this at the group is entirely at my own risk.

  4. I confirm that I am not aware of any medical reason why I should not participate in group running at Sarah’s Runners.  If I am unsure of my suitability to participate I will gain permission from my GP or doctor.

  5. If I develop any new relevant medical or physical condition or become pregnant, I will inform Sarah Russell or one of the support coaches.

  6. I give permission for relevant medical information on this form to be shared with a coach, buddy or other volunteer helper as necessary to enable my safe participation in the group.

  7. I understand that ‘coaches, buddies and other volunteers’ are there to support the group and offer guidance and encouragement. I take full responsibility for my participation, knowledge of routes and my own safety when running and do not hold any coach, buddy or other volunteer responsible for any accident, injury, loss or incident incurred.

  8. I agree not to wear headphones or any other device that may impair my hearing and therefore safety when running at Sarah’s Runners.

  9. I give permission to be contacted by Sarah Russell or a representative of Sarah’s Runners with information relevant to participation at Sarah’s Runners.

  10. All sessions must be pre-booked and paid for in advance. You can cancel your booking directly through 'bookwhen' provided you give 24 hours notice.



We take data confidentiality seriously at Sarah's Runners and your information is important to us. Your personal details are held confidentially and stored digitally and securely. Data collected on the joining form is used ONLY for purposes related to participation at Sarah’s Runners and will be shared with coaches, buddies and other volunteers if necessary. We do not pass on your personal data to any other company or organisation for any reason. All medical information is held securely and confidentially and not shared unless deemed necessary or in a medical emergency. Sarah Russell, coaches, buddies and volunteer helpers are bound by confidentiality and will not share any information without consent.