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Founder of Sarah's Runners. Masters degree in Sport and Exercise Science. Coach in Running Fitness CiRF

I'm passionate about helping people fall in love with running. To run without pressure or judgement. To run for health, mental wellbeing and to run for life. I believe running should be nourishing and gentle. And that's what we teach at the group. But without this bunch of support coaches and buddies it wouldn't be possible. Meet my amazing team...



Support Coach LiRF, ML & WML

I love being a coach at Sarah's Runners because of the confidence it has given me, and what I can now pass on to the other members of the group. Getting back into running has been life changing for me, the weight loss and the fitness! I now have the running bug, Mentally and physically never felt better


Support Coach LiRF

What I love about being a support coach at Sarah's Runners is that every time I come along I know that I will see lots of smiling faces, all happy to be there, and about to feel good about themselves having completed another run in a friendly, non competitive environment.

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Support Coach LiRF

The most rewarding aspect of support coaching is when somebody suddenly realises they have run all the way up a particularly awkward hill and looks at me with that innocent, child-like expression of wonder that they have achieved something previously believed to be impossible. It is often the first of several truly magic moments for every man or woman who joins Sarah’s Group.


Support Coach LiRF

I am pleased to support people as they join a relaxed, welcoming and friendly group of runners that encourages all abilities and ages. The group is relaxed and non-competitive and I would definitely encourage anyone to give it a try. It is wonderful to see the buzz and big smiles that running with Sarah Runner’s gives to people.

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