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We run for health, fun and friendship

Sarah's Runners is a 'not-for-profit' community running group in Tunbridge Wells Kent, founded in 2003. Primarily aimed at complete beginners but runners of all abilities are welcome. We are warm and friendly and offer a 'non competitive' running environment where we focus on health and enjoyment. Come and join us.

We are proud to be a Run Together Group. 





All runners. From end October we will require ALL runners to wear a tag/wristband or similar with your NAME, EMERGENCY CONTACT and any MEDICAL condition on it. We will not collect this information at the start of the run anymore.

Evening runners. It is a requirement to have high viz/reflective clothing/lights for night running. We have a few spares but please provide your own if possible. A headtorch can be handy too. Please make yourselves visible and safe.

Thank you.



We offer a non-competitive environment where you can run without judgement or pressure

We believe running should be 'nourishing' and gentle, not punishing

We believe in running for health, fun and mental wellbeing

We believe anyone can run - we can show you how

We believe that running is whatever you want it to be.

We occasionally do races and events, but there's no pressure. Running is a fabulous thing to do without EVER doing a race.

And we love cake. And beer.


'The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'

Lao Tzu


You don't need to contact us before you come, but if you have a question please get in touch. Make sure you complete your New Runner Joining Pack before your first session.


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